Kung Pow pow


This last month I went to my first martial arts class in over 15 years. It was a bit exhausting, a little painful  and and also embarrassing but ultimately rewarding.
I don't know why I avoided it so long but I felt that was important to have some kind of exercise regiment in my life again and the gym was not cutting it. Having regular exercise is important and what I felt with the gym was more a sense of loneliness. With martial arts you have a goal and a sense of community; people to work with and regular encouragement. Also it's way more practical than just lifting weights at the gym isn't going to protect me in the real world deathly not protect me from any situation where I am pinned down for confronted with a very serious situation and I really enjoy discipline I just never been able to keep up with it to thousand kids probably since my dad passed away it's an hard to keep up with anything associated with him because I have to many feelings when he comes to that.

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