Client Access Only

Here are projects that are not public; much of this work is available on my client's pages as their work but these are the specific items within that company that I have had a part in.





Client: Jivaldi

One of my Clients, Jivaldi is a digital marketing agency specializing in branding, application development & e-commerce solutions.

I was contracted out for several project over the last few months designing t-shirt designs for both their child company Forged Clothing, Trikos International and most notably official merchandise for the Warner Brothers film 'American Sniper' directed by Clint Eastwood.

Needless to  say I have had a lot of fun coming up with all these solutions and the biggest payoff being  the work worn by fans of these companies.



Client: Spangler 

Spangler is a folk band based out of Davis Ca.

They approached me wanting a logo and album cover to release their new full length album this summer.

I also provided Merchandise design which included t-shirts and a album release poster.

Shown here are several variations of the album art I made.

The first one being the chosen direction.


Client: Spangler

What was unique about this project was the freedom given for the brand. This was one of the first large projects given to me as the in-house designer at Raley's. 

We started with just the name, then the design challenge was to present a private label win brand that was disguised as its own entity.

Using the brand colors, I developed the mark along with the elements used in the label. I worked with the printer and winery to choose the right paper stock, colors and finishes on the labels.

Although not pictured here, I also designed custom barcodes that would match the bottle type and give it a truly unique feel.